If it´s not Mickey Mouse we don´t want it on the boat – The original SWI-TEC rat guard

Rat Guard for ropes

The problem

Rats on board are always a theme. Once you are on deck you can hardly get rid of them. The consequential damage is not only expensive and annoying but also dangerous for your health!

Rats can transmit diseases, in addition to their property as health pests, are also classified as material and storage pests.

They get on board via the slip lines and even via the anchor chains and not only look for food, but also nibble on cables and furnishings. Damage to cables and electrical systems can include Cause short-circuit and fire hazards.

Rat Guards for ropes

The solution

Prevention is better than Cure! The SWI-TEC Rat Guard takes up very little storage room, installs easily and can be used in port when docked or at anchor.

When a rat encounters the disc and attempts to climb over it, the rat guard begins to spin around and the animal drops into the water.

Different models make it possible to protect every ship. No animal will get hurt.

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Easy Installation

Open the grey split-hub and close it around the line or chain. The inside of the central section features dual rubber baffles that close tightly around the line or chain keeping the guard in place. Then just clip on the black disc and the Rat guard is ready for use.

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Satisfied Customers

Simple and effective

Our Rat stop is suitable for all kinds of ships, sailing boats, yachts, commercial shipping and super yachts!

Navy and professional ships successfully use our rat stop.

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