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Mooring and Anchoring

With our clever ideas, we have developed products that make it easier for you to anchor or dock in harbors or buoys. Sleep quieter and spare your anchor windlass with our chain claw in the “Standard” or “De Luxe” version. Our SWI-TEC Stabilizer dampens rocking at anchor by at least 50%. Suitable for motor and sail boats. The original self-adjusting anchor buoy by SWI-TEC convinces not only by its quality but also by your design and can be individually labeled with the ship’s name. We guarantee you with our different attachements an Safe and fast anchoring and docking. Of course they fit on our boat hook and with our adapter on all common wooden or aluminum boat hooks.

Euro 46,59 ( Export Euro 38,50 )
Euro 18,63 ( Export Euro 15,40 )
Euro 13,06Euro 21,54
Incl. Bag
Euro 174,24Euro 183,92
Incl. Bag
Euro 94,36Euro 113,74
Incl. Bag
Euro 75,02 ( Export Euro 62,00 )
Incl. Bag
Euro 110,84 ( Export Euro 91,60 )
Euro 70,18 ( Export Euro 58,00 )
Euro 298,94 ( Export Euro 247,06 )
Euro 139,30 ( Export Euro 115,12 )
Euro 104,22 ( Export Euro 86,13 )