The strong woman at SWI-TEC – Christina Bachmann

Behind every man stands a strong woman and this is also the case with SWI-TEC. Christina Bachmann is the wife of founder Marco and, as a trained master tailor, has been taking care of all the sewing work at SWI-TEC since 2004: not only bags, boatswain's chairs or emergency ladders, but also custom-made products such as sunshades and many more. But not that she is a good tailor, she is also the good soul of the house and takes loving care of the employees.


Name: Christina Bachmann

Position at SWI-TEC: Master tailor (responsible for all fabrics)

How long have you been working for SWI-TEC: Since 2004

What do you particularly like about SWI-TEC: We are a great team, everyone can rely on each other.

Your ritual when you come to work in the morning?Open the window, start the sewing machine and off you go. 

Coffee or tea? Coffee

What do you love about Mallorca? The mentality of the people

What is your favourite season in Mallorca and why? Spring, the almond blossom and autumn with its intense colours.

SWI-TEC is at home in Porto Cristo, do you have a restaurant tip for us? Sa sal is an excellent restaurant and The pizzeria “Mini-mini”.

Your favourite activity on Mallorca? Exploring the island. Lovingly decorating and enjoying my home.

Hobbies besides SWI-TEC? My plants and the vegetable garden

Who would you like to have a coffee/wine with one day – real or fiction? With my husband and my family in Austria

Favourite film or series? Thrillers

What goes on your pizza? Mariscos 

Where would you like to travel again? Africa 

Who should we follow in the media? (Social Media) SWI-TEC and Neveta Nautica

Is there anything else you would like to say? The bureaucracy should be a bit easier on the island