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Always enough electricity on board with our water generator. Renewable energies are becoming more and more important,  therefore we have developed our SWI-TEC Hydro Charger with which you can generate environmentally friendly electricity. Mobile phones, tablets and mobile devices are now part of everydaylife on the boat. It is important to generate this electricity as environmentally friendly, powerful and efficient as possible free of charge. Through the easy handling of our Hydro Charger, the generator can be lowered into the water while sailing. Specially designed brackets allow you to mount the Hydro Charger on any sailing yacht.

Euro 3.932,50Euro 4.310,02
Euro 353,60 ( Export Euro 292,23 )
Euro 157,76 ( Export Euro 130,38 )
Euro 261,12 ( Export Euro 215,80 )
Euro 393,25 ( Export Euro 325,00 )
Euro 380,80 ( Export Euro 314,71 )
Euro 293,75 ( Export Euro 242,77 )