Behind the scenes at SWI-TEC – Marco Bachmann

Behind the scenes at SWI-TEC

For 25 years now, SWI-TEC has been producing many useful things that make your life on board easier and richer. Started by his passion for sailing, Marco Bachmann, founder and head oft he clever constructions at SWI-TEC, founded the company in Porto Cristo, Mallorca and since then he can be found with a lot of heart and passion not only in the office and in the workshop but also at ports installing various custom-made products.

Name: Marco Bachmann

Position at SWI-TEC: Founder

How long have you worked for SWI-TEC: since the company was founded

What do you particularly like about SWI-TEC: the high-quality products that are developed and manufactured with our highly motivated team

What do you always take to work or can always be found at your workplace? A big bottle of water and chocolate

Your ritual when you come to work in the morning? Checking emails and printing out orders first thing. (gives the most pleasure☺)

Coffee or tea? Coffee

What do you love about Mallorca? The Spanish mentality and the people, the fantastic and varied landscape and much more.

What is your favorite season in Mallorca and why? Spring – when everything starts to bloom. Autumn with the clear air and the great color contrasts.

SWI-TEC is at home in Porto Cristo, do you have a restaurant tip for us? The Pizzeria L'Incontro

Your favorite activity on Mallorca? Maintaining our finca and garden, cutting trees, driving a tractor, etc.

Hobbies besides SWI-TEC? No extra hobby but interested in many things. E.g. olive oil production, stock market, international economy.

Who would you like to have a coffee/wine with – real or fiction? With Al Gore, who recognized at an early stage what the state of our world is.

Favorite film or series?  The music film Burlesque with Cher and Christina Aguilera. I have seen it several times. The voices of the two are simply sensational. The plot is amusing but good for relaxing. 

What goes on your pizza? Garlic

Where would you like to travel again? I have travelled to many countries with my sailing yacht and I am happy to live on the most beautiful island in the world.

Who should we follow in the media? (Social Media) As a sailor and tinkerer, I am mainly interested in blogs by sailors 

Is there anything else you would like to say? It would be nice if the interpersonal aspect were to come back into focus a little more. Unfortunately, this has been forgotten due to today's fast pace of life, smartphones, stress etc. 

Just switch off everything and enjoy life ☺