Mooring made easy

Mooring maneuvers are among the most difficult and stressful tasks on board. Many factors play a major role that we can not influence. And no matter if you are a professional, a beginner or an experienced skipper – seconds often make the difference!

We have developed boat hook attachments that support you in every situation of mooring and mooring and give you the necessary time and peace you need.

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The different mooring helper

Mooring Buoy & Retrieving Hook
Mooring Buoyand Retrieving Hook

Mooring Buoy & Retrieving Hook

Our mooring help is particularly suitable for rings, mooring buoys and hooks. Simply hook it in – pull off the boat hook – done. Once your boat is secured, you have enough time for a correct mooring. To unlock, simply pull on the red rope so that the hook opens and you can remove the attachment. Important -> Do not use for permanent occupancy!

The attachment can firmly on the boat hook by means of an attached locking screw and can also be used as a gripper arm. For example for objects that have gone overboard or to pick up the anchor buoy.

The mooring aid is always supplied with 10 m spliced ​​mooring line (standard Ø 12 mm / Strong Ø 14 mm) and 10 m tie line (Ø 4 mm) and is available in 2 variants. Up to a ship weight of approx. 8 tons, we recommend the standard version, then the strong version is recommended.

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Line Hook for Lazy-lines

Med-mooring is always a challenge and is becoming the standard in the Mediterranean. Wind and weather can make the maneuver difficult and cause the ship to drift away. The mooring lazy lines on the port be taken with algae growth, sharp-edged mussels and dirt . So that the mooring will be a easy maneuver, we have developed a special boat hook attachment that simplifies the process.

To use:

  1. hook is attached to the Boat hook, reach down or out and snap it over the lazy-line.
  2. Then remove the boat hook and let the Mooring line hook sink to the bottom, holding the lead line, which remains attached to the Mooring line hook and walk to the bow of the boat.
  3. Lift the Mooring line and cleat it down.

Quick – Easy – Clean

  • No more hand cuts
  • No more dirty clothing
  • No more dirty decks
  • No more drifting off the ship

The mooring help is supplied with a 5m spliced ​​line and is a long-lasting product on board thanks to the solid stainless steel.

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Line Hook for Lazy Lines
Line Hook for Lazy lines

Safety Lock
Safety Lock

Safety lock

We offer you the perfect tool for mooring large bollards or dolphins and for use in locks. The attachment can also be used for various applications.

The wire rope loop is simply placed over the object and the boat hook removed. The mooring aid can easily be unlocked using the release line (red line 5m).

A special security has been installed to prevent accidental triggering.

The attachment is available in 2 different models, with a 1200 mm or 1500 mm wire rope and is always supplied with a 5m splinted line (Ø 12mm) and a tie line (Ø 4mm).

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Adapter for using the attachments


Boat Hooks and Adapter

To use the mooring helper you will need either our special boat hook with boat hook tip, the adapter for 25mm or 30mm, the adapter with counter plater or the separate boat hook tip.

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Boat Hook Aluminium

Boat Hook complete

Aluminium Telescoping Boat Hook with tip 1,17 to 1,96 m extendable.

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Boat Hook Adapter


To screw on the boat hook

Ø25 mm oder Ø 30 mm

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Boat Hook Adapter

Adapter mit Gegenstück

For use on foreign boat hooks

Ø 25 mm (Ex. Charter)

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Boat Hook Tip

Boat Hook Tip

To put on the boat hook

Ø 25 mm

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