Your safety is important to us

Our Mastlift is certificated by German Lloyd

With our mastlift you are secured at any height at any time and you have your hands free for work, installations or repairs.

The reduction is 1:10, so you are guaranteed an easy climb.

Mastlift bis 13m

2 models up to 13 m or up to 25 m


High quality

The mast lift is available in 2 versions, up to 13 m or up to 25 m. The endless line according to the height of the mast is included.

Protective Cover

The neoprene cover adapts perfectly to all mastlift models and offers the optimal protection. The cover prevents blows, dents or damage to the mast and the mastlift and also protects against pubic filaments in the mast top. It is also perfect for storage, protects against water and sunlight.

4 m EndlEsS line

The endless line can be used as a hoist. Activities such as man overboard maneuvers, lifting outboard motors into the dinghy, bringing the dinghy on deck or into the water and also removing units such as gears or generators will be easy. The line is 10mm thick, spliced endlessly and has a length of 4m.

Individual applications

  • Bringing dinghy on deck or into the water
  • Bringing shopping on deck
  • By means of our lifting aid, wheelchair users or persons for whom getting on board is a problem can be lifted onto the deck.k.

Test winner in YACHT

Our mast lift was extensively tested and became the test winner among the various lift systems.

You can read the complete report here or also watch the detailed video.



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The perfect accessories

Our specially designed accessories make the product perfect

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