SWI-TEC Rat Guard – Product Improvement


For over 15 years we have been successfully distributing our SWI-TEC Rat Guard all over the world.As we are constantly working on improvements of our products, we now supply our rat stop with different sizes of rubber rings for the slip lines. The customer can now choose the appropriate rubber insert depending on the line diameter or anchor chain and exchange it if necessary.Depending on the product, 1 or 2 rubber rings are supplied.

Now we have also improved the locking mechanism from the medium disc size (from 30mm lines) to ensure easier opening and closing of the plate.

The new latches prevent scratching of the surface, accidental opening due movements and give the product a noble design.

To the product

The SWI-TEC rat guard is suitable for all kinds of ships, sailboats, yachts as well as for the professional ships & superyachts.